London Bridge Risk

Electronic peer-to-peer marketplace for the dynamic trading of insurance-linked securities and syndication of insurance risk.


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London Bridge Risk PCC is a transformer vehicle, enabling Qualified Investors to participate in the underwriting of insurance risks at Lloyd’s of London by providing capital to the Lloyd’s market through the issuance of a fully collateralized contract of reinsurance, to a Lloyds member.

Our aim is to create an efficient marketplace for ILS and the syndication of insurance risk, while opening up new investment and liquidity opportunities. Protection buyers and brokers who build their programs around our marketplace can be confident that they are getting the right coverage at the right price.

Cutting-edge financial technologies enable protection sellers to precisely state the amount of coverage they are willing to provide and the premium they are willing to accept. This gives alternative investors unprecedented access to insurance risk and unparalleled control over their reinsurance portfolios.



We provide anonymous direct market access to an order-driven, peer-to-peer trading venue, programmatic auction and placement system. Our technology-driven liquidity solutions deliver seamless trading of fully-collateralized ILS that provide payment on the outcome of a specified event.

A streamlined user-interface enables protection buyers and protection sellers to place multiple orders in both primary markets and secondary markets. A programmatic auction system matches buy and sell orders, then reports the final trades and prices using price discovery and allocation mechanisms.

Our fully-integrated marketplace allows submissions to be placed in virtual data rooms, to which, selected capacity providers are given access. Secure and stable electronic network with independent custodians and administrators ensure the segregation and security of all clients assets and accounts.


We provide fully-automated programmatic auction and placement systems with price discovery and allocation mechanisms.


We match protection buyers and protection sellers of insurance-linked securities in primary markets and secondary markets through an order-driven trading venue.


Independent administrators provide segregated and trust accounts. Collateral for each new contract issuance will be drawn from the protection seller(s) account and held in a trust account. The premium will similarly be drawn down from the protection buyers’ account(s) and paid into the protection seller(s) account or a trust account.


No buy or sell order will be accepted without: (a) sufficient funds or assets being held on a cleared basis in a treasury account, and/or (b) sufficient securities being registered in the beneficial owners name in a Central Securities Depository (CSD) in the case of a sell order. There is no physical settlement of securities, which remain lodged in the CSD at all times.